Syringe Driver Operates Rate Calculator

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1. A syringe driver pushes the plunger of a syringe forward at an accurately controlled rate.

  • For most syringe pumps the rate is set according to the volume of solution injected per hour, i.e. in ml per hour
  • For some syringe drivers the rate is set according to the distance travelled by the plunger in mm per hour or mm per 24 hour
2. If the rate is to be set in mm, the volume to be adminstered by a syringe driver depends on the diameter of the syringe barrel as well as on the rate setting. Different makes of syringe may have different barrel sizes. It is essential that the brand of syringe to be used is specified and the stroke length is measured.
3. Serious errors have occurred when settings in mm per hour and ml per hour have been confused.
  • Prepare prescribed infusion
  • Prime the extension set with fluid
  • If using a syringe driver, measure the stroke length (the distance the plunger has to travel) in mm.


Rate (mm per hour) = Stroke length (mm) / Infusion period (hours)