Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR) Calculator

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Online calculator to calculate Urine albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR), helps to identify kidney disease that can occur as a complication of diabetes by using ACR ratio formula.

Albumin : creatinine ratio: It is ratio of urinary albumin to urinary creatinine; usually it is expressed as milligram of albumin excreted per gram of urinary creatinine.

Stages of classic diabetic nephropathy according to urinary albumin level
Stage of nephropathyUrine dipstick for proteinUrine ACR
24-urine collection for albumin*
NormalNegative< 2.0 (men)
< 2.8 (women)
MicroalbuminuriaNegative2. 0 - 20.0 (men)
2.8 - 28.0 (women)
Overt nephropathy
Positive> 20.0 (men)
> 28.0 (women)

Note : (*) Values are for urinary albumin, not total urinary protein, which will be higher than urinary albumin levels.

acr reference range

Ratio of Urinary Albumin to Urinary Creatinine Calculation


ACR (Albumin : Creatinine Ratio) = Albumin / Creatinine