Oral Drug Dosage Equation Calculator

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1. Check the strength of (amount of drug in) each tablet or capsule.
2. Make sure you are clear about the dose units used, most commonly prescribed are milligrams or micrograms.
3. Check the dose on the prescription and that it is expressed in the same units as on the medicine label.
4. If the prescription and the medicines label use different units of strength, refer to the conversion table and calculation examples on page 4 and 5.
5. Once you are sure that the units are the same, divide the required dose by the strength of the tablet or capsule.
6. The answer is the number of tablets/capsules needed for each dose.


Number of tablets = Dose / Strength of tablet

Extra safety tip:

If your first calculation gives a dose of more than two tablets, double-check the calculation and confirm that the dose doesnt exceed the manufacturers recommended maximum. If it does, or if you are still unsure that the dose is correct, check with the prescriber or pharmacist.