Infusion Rates for Infusion Devices Calculator

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1. All infusions require rate control. This can be achieved using a roller clamp (gravity flow), an infusion pump, a syringe driver, a syringe pump or a disposable device.
2. When using any sort of rate control device, check at least the following parameters at regular intervals in accordance with local policy:

  • Volume given
  • Volume remaining
  • Administration rate
  • Condition of the patient including the administration site
3. Before and after transfer of care between units or teams, make sure you repeat the above checks.
4. You should always check the manufacturers instructions or refer to local policy to ensure you use the correct administration set for the device and that the device is programmed correctly.
5. An administration device should only be used by practitioners who have been trained and are competent in the use of the particular device.


Volume in ml per hour = Total volume of infusion (ml) / Duration of infusion (hour)
Amount of drug in mg per hour = Total dose in mg / Duration of infusion (hour)

To calculate the amount of infusion to be given in ml per hour.
500ml sodium chloride 0.9% is prescribed to be given over 4 hours using a volumetric pump.
The rate of infusion should be set at:
= 500ml / 4 hour
= 125ml per hour