Electrical Calculators

Electrical calculators are listed here.

Cable ForceAC Single Phase Kilowatts to AmpsAND GateBlavier Test Cable Fault LocationCable LengthCapacitor Energy (E) and RC Time Constant Capacitor Energy (E) and RC Time ConstantCapacitor Energy (E) Constant Capacitor RC Time Constant Copper LossCurrent in Amperes - Three-phase LoadDC CurrentDC Kilowatts to AmpsDC Power DC PowerDC VoltageElectric Charge Density DisplacementElectric Potential Energy Electrical Power ConsumptionElectrical Power FactorElectrical Service SizeElectrostatic Extension Spring Wire LengthFigure of MeritInductance of an Air Core CoilkVA to AmpsLED Series ResistorLM317 Current RegulatorLMTD CocurrentLogic GatemA/h Power ConsumptionMaximum Sensitivity of Wheatstone BridgeMicrostrip PCB Differential Impedance Motor Amps Full LoadNAND GateNOR GateNOT GateOR GateParallel ResistorPCBPCB Capacitance Per Unit LengthPCB Differential ImpedancePCB Effective Propagation DelayPCB Characteristic ImpedancePCB Inductance Per Unit LengthPCB Microstrip Crosstalk Power ConsumptionPower LossQuality (Q) Factor of Resonant Cavity in optical systemsR1 R2 Real and Reactive PowerReal and Reactive Power SingleReal and Reactive Power Three PhaseReal Power SingleReal Power Three Phase Real Power Three PhaseRF Power Density Spring MassSpring Resonant FrequencyStraight Wire InductorStripline Pcb Differential ImpedanceThin Solenoid Magnetic FieldTotal Luminous FluxTotal ResistanceTotal Wire LengthTransformer Current Transformer Primary Conductor Size Volume of ConductorWire DiameterWire Diameter in GuageXNOR GateXOR Gate