Electrical Service Size Calculator

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Calculate sizing of the electrical service to supply the data center by using electrical service size calculator.

Sizing of the Electrical Service

The electrical service can be calculated as follows:

  • Take the total electrical capacity required in kilowatts and multiply by 125% to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code and similar regulatory bodies.
  • Determine the three phase AC voltage of the service entrance to be supplied by the utility company. Typically this is 480 Volts AC in the United States and 230 Volts AC in most other parts of the world.
Use the following formula to determine the electrical service size to supply the data center, in Amps:
Amps = (Ecx1000) / (V x 1.73)

Sizing of the Electrical Service Calculation

Note: only for reference purposes. Check with other source for correctness and accuracy of answer.


Amps = (Ecx1000) / (V x 1.73)

Ec = Required electrical capacity
V = voltage to supplied