Volume of Flocculation Basin Calculator | Rapid Mix Basin Calculation

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Use the simple rapid mix calculator tool thats helps you to calculate the volume of the flocculation basin of rapid-mix basin online. If the flows to the rapid mix and flocculation basin vary significantly, or turn down capability is desired, a variable speed drive should be provided for each mixer and flocculator. It should be noted that the above analysis provides only approximate values for mixer and flocculator sizes. Mixing is in general a 'black art', and a mixing manufacturer is usually consulted regarding the best type and size of mixer or flocculator for a perticular application.

Volume of Flocculation Basin Calculation

Retention time (min) :
Flow rate of secondary effluent (Mgd) :
min per day :
Flocculation Basin Volume [V] (ft3) (m3) :


V = (retention time) × (flow rate of secondary effluent) / (min per day)

V - Volume of Flocculation Basin