Mean Velocity Gradient Calculator - Rapid Mix Basin Calculation

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Use the simple rapid mix calculator tool thats helps you to calculate the mean velocity gradient of rapid-mix basin online. The power input per volume of liquid is generally used as a rough measure of mixing effectiveness, based on the reasoning that more input power creates greater turbulence, and greater turbulence leads to better mixing. The following equation is used to calculate the mean velocity gradient for mixing: G = ? ( P / ? * V ). G is a measure of the mean velocity gradient in the fluid. G values for rapid mixing operations in wastewater treatment range from 250 to 1500 s1.

Mean Velocity Gradient - Rapid Mix Basin Calculator

Power requirement [P] ( :
Dynamic viscosity [?] (lb.sq ft)(Pa.s) :
Volume of mixing tank [V] (ft3)(m3) :
G (s1) :


G = ?( P / ? × V )

  • P = power requirement
  • ? = dynamic viscosity
  • V = volume of mixing tank
  • G = mean velocity gradient