Spherical Segment Calculator

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Calculate spherical segment radius, volume, lateral surface area, area of lower base, area of upper base using geometrycal spherical segment calculator.

Radius, Volume, Surface Area, Lower, Upper Base of Spherical Segment Calculation


Area of lower base = ? a2

Area of upper base = ? b2

Lateral surface area (Area of the zone (Azone)) = 2? × R × h

Base surface area = ? H (2×R-H)

Total Area, A = ? (a2+b2+2 × R × h)

Volume V = 1/6(?h(3a2+3b2+h2)

R - Radius
h - Height
a - lower base
b - upper base
? = 3.141592654

What is Spherical Segment?

In geometry, a spherical segment is a solid bounded by two parallel planes through a sphere.

Spherical Segment