Additive Inverse Calculator

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Two integers whose sum is zero are called additive inverses of each other. They are also called the negatives of each other. (i.e.,) Additive inverse of an integer is obtained by changing the sign of the integer. For example, the additive inverse of +6 is 6 and the 4 is +4.

What you add to a number to get the sum of zero (0)
a + -a = 0
7 + -7 = 0
-6 + 6 = 0
a + -a = 0

Using this tool you can calculate fraction, modulo numbers.

Additive Inverse Facts / Characteristics

  1. will always be the opposite of the number you are adding
  2. when you add a number and its opposite it will always equal 0
  3. zero is the additive inverse of itself

Calculate Additive Inverse of a Number


a + -a = 0