Rhombus Calculator

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Calculate rhombus area, perimeter using simple rhombus geometry calculator tool online.

Characterizations of Rhombus

  • Parallelogram with all sides congruent
  • Diagonals perpendicular
  • Each diagonal bisects a pair of opposite angles
  • 2 pair of parallel sides
  • Opposite sides are congruent
  • Opposite angles are congruent
  • Consecutive angles are supplementary
  • Diagonals bisect each other
  • Diagonals are congruent

Calculate Area, Perimeter of Rhombus

Area of Rhombus Calculation

Perimeter of Rhombus Calculation


(i). A = b × a
(ii). A = × d1 × d2
(iii). A = s2 × sin(a)
(iv). Perimeter = 4S

A - the area of a rhombus
a - is the altitude (height)
b - is the length of the base
d1, d2 - the length of diagonals
s - length of any side