Near Field and Far Field from the Antenna Calculator

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The radiation pattern in the region close to the antenna is not exactly the same as the pattern at large distances. The term near-field refers to the field pattern existing close to the antenna. The term far-field refers to the field pattern at large distances. The far-field is also called the radiation field, and is what is most commonly of interest. The nearfield is called the induction field (although it also has a radiation component).

Ordinarily, it is the radiated power that is of interest so antenna patterns are usually measured in the far-field region. For pattern measurement, it is important to choose a distance sufficiently large to be in the far-field, well out of the near-field. The minimum permissible distance depends on the dimensions of the antenna in relation to the wavelength.


rmin = 2D2 / ?

rmin is the minimum distance from the antenna
D is the largest dimension of the antenna
? is the wavelength