Absorbance Calculator

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Calculate the amount of light absorbed by a sample using simple absorbance calculator online.

What is Absorbance?

Absorbance: The amount of light absorbed by a sample. The absorbance of light is related to the number of molecules present in the solution (concentration of the solution).


Observe the percent transmittance values obtained by the Ward's DataHub when the samples were exposed to different light wavelengths (red, green and blue).

Organize the data starting with the percent transmittance given by the Ward's DataHub. Data should be organized in the following order and as seen in the chart below.

Sample - Concentration (g/mL)
% Transmittance red - Transmittance red (Absorbance red)
% Transmittance green - Transmittance green (Absorbance green)
% Transmittance blue - Transmittance blue (Absorbance blue)

Amount of Light Absorbed by Sample (Absorbance) Calculation


A = ε × d × C

ε = Molar absorptivity
d = Path length of the cuvette containing the sample
C = Concentration of the compound in the solution