Critical Temperature Calculator

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Calculate critical temperature from van der waals constant using simple physical chemistry calculator online.

Law of Corresponding States (1880) : equation of state can be reduced if pressure, volume, and temperature are expressed as a simple function of critical pressure, critical volume, and critical temperature.

The van der Waal's equation of state for a real gas is: (P + n2a / V2)(V- nb) = nRT

To convert 'a' into atm L2/mol2 multiply by 0.986 atm/bar

To convert 'a' into kPa L2/mol2 multiply by 100.0 kPa/bar

Calculate Temperature Volume using Van Der Waals Constant


Tc = 8a / 27×R×b

Vc - Critical temperature,
a,b - Van Der Waals constant,
R - Molar gas constant.