Total Elongation Calculator

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Online elongation (extensometer) calculator to calculate the percentage of total elongation at maximum force. The extensometer used shall have a gauge length of at least 100 mm. The gauge length shall be indicated in the test report.

This method consists of determining the extension at maximum force on the force-extension curve obtained with an extensometer.

The percentage total elongation at maximum force, Agt, shall be calculated by using the formula: Agt = ?Lm / Le x 100.

Calculate Percentage of Total Elongation at Maximum Force

Extension at maximum force [?Lm] :
Extensometer gauge length [Le]:
Agt :


Agt = ( ?Lm / Le ) x 100

  • Agt is percentage total elongation at maximum force
  • ?Lm is the extension at maximum force.
  • Le is the extensometer gauge length;