Serialization Delay Calculator

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Calculate time delay of data frame required for network interface using simple serialization delay calculator online.

Serialization delay (?n) is the fixed delay required to clock a voice or data frame onto the network interface. It is directly related to the clock rate on the trunk. At low clock speeds and small frame sizes, the extra flag needed to separate frames is significant.

Example Serialization Delays

Serialization Delay for Different Frame Sizes
Packet SizeLink SizeSerialization Delay
64 bytes256 Kbps2 ms
1.5 Mbps0.35 ms
100 Mbps5.1 microseconds
1 Gbps0.51 microseconds
10 Gbps0.051 microseconds
1500 bytes256 Kbps46.98 ms
1.5 Mbps8 ms
100 Mbps120 microseconds
1 Gbps12 microseconds
10 Gbps1.2 microseconds

Calculate Time Delay Required for Network Interface


?n = Size of Packet Transmission Rate

?n = serialization delay