Total Bed Load Calculator - Prediction of Sediment-Delivery Rate

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Calculate total bed load by the Schoklitsch formula using this simple civil calculator online.

The quantity of bed load is considered a constant function of the discharge because the sediment supply for the bed-load forces is always available in all but lined channels. An accepted formula for the quantity of sediment transported as bed load is the Schoklitsch formula: Gp = (86.7 / Dg) * S3/2 * (Qi - bqo).

An approximate solution for bed load by the Schoklitsch formula can be made by determining or assuming mean values of slope, discharge, and single grain size representative of the bed-load sediment. A mean grain size of 0.04 in (about 1 mm) in diameter is reasonable for a river with a slope of about 1.0 ft/mi (0.189 m/km).

Total Bed Load - Schoklitsch Formula Calculation


Gb = (86.7 / Dg) × S3/2 × (Qi - bqo)

Gb - total bed load,
Dg - effective grain diameter,
S - slope of energy gradient,
Qi - total instantaneous discharge,
b - width of river, ft (m),
qo - critical discharge, of river width (0.00532/S4/3)Dg