Rotational Speed of Distribution Calculator

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Online wastewater calculator tool helps you to calculate rotational speed of distribution online.
To achieve the typical dosing rates, the speed of the rotary distributor can be controlled by,

      (i). reversing the location of some of the existing orifices to the front of the distributor arm,
      (ii). adding reversed deflectors to the existing orifice discharges,
      (iii). by operating the rotary distributor with a variable speed drive.
The rotational speed of the distributor is a function of the instantaneous dosing rate and may be determined using the following function: n = 1.6 * (QT) / (A) * (DR)

Calculation of Rotational Speed of Distribution

Total applied hydraulic loading rate (QT) = [Q + QR]
(gal/min.sq ft) (L/s.m2) :
Number of arms in rotary distributor assembly [A] :
Dosing rate [DR] (in/pass of distributor arm) :
Rotational Speed of Distribution (rpm) :


n = 1.6 × (QT) / (A) × (DR)

  • n - rotational speed of distribution
  • QT - total applied hydraulic loading rate
  • Q - influent wastewater hydraulic loading rate
  • QR - recycle flow hydraulic loading rate
  • A - number of arms in rotary distributor assembly
  • DR - dosing rate