Quantity of Volatile Solids Produced Each Day Calculator

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Use the simple wastewater and environmental protection calculator tool that helps you to calculate quantity of volatile solids produced each day online. The volumetric loading is expressed in lb/ft3 ( day.kg/m3.day). For high rate digesters, loading range from 0.10 to 0.35 lb/ft3.d (1.6 to 5.61 kg/m3.d).

Calculation of Volatile Solids Produced Quantity

Yield coefficient (lb VSS/lb BODL) :
BODin (lb/d) :
BODout (lb/d) :
Endogenous coefficient (kd) :
Mean cell residence time [d] :
Volatile Solids Produced [lb/d (kg/d)] :


Px = Y[(BODin) - (BODout)] / 1 - kd?c

  • kd - endogenous coefficient (d1)
  • ?c - mean cell residence time (d)
  • BOD - Biochemical oxygen demand
  • Y - yield coefficient
  • Px - volatile solids produced