Quantity of Seepage Calculation

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Use the simple hydraulics and waterworks calculator to calculate Quantity of Seepage. The quantity of seepage can be computed directly from a flow net. Or, in certain instances, from charts or equations without the construction of a flow net. The formula for computing the quantity of seepage from a flow net is Q = k * (nf / nd) * ht * L.

Quantity of Seepage Calculator


Q = k × (nf / nd) × ht × L

  • k - effective coefficient of permeability which is ? kmaxkmin
  • nf - number of flow channels of net
  • nd - number of equipotential drops of net
  • ht - head difference between headwater and tail water
  • L - length of dam to which the flow net applies
  • Q - quantity of seepage in length of dam under consideration