Equivalent Dose Calculator

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Use this simple atomic physics calculator to calculate equivalent dose absorbed by tissue for radiological protection online.

Radiation weighting factors WR (formerly termed Q factor) according to ICRP report 103
RadiationEnergyWR (formerly Q)
protons, charged pions2
alpha particles,Nuclear fission products,heavy nuclei20
x-rays, gamma rays,beta particles, muons1
neutrons< 1 MeV2.5 + 18.2e?[ln(E)]/6
1 MeV - 50 MeV5.0 + 17.0e?[ln(2*E)]/6
>50 MeV2.5 + 3.25e?[ln(0.04*E)]/6

Equivalent Dose - Radiological Protection Calculation


HT = D × Q

HT - is the equivalent dose absorbed by tissue T
D - is the absorbed dose in tissue T by radiation type R
WR or D - is the radiation weighting factor defined by ICRP regulation