Capacity of the Chlorinator at Peak Flow Calculator

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Use the simple chlorination system for wastewater disinfection calculator tool to calculate the capacity of the chlorinator at peak flow.

Calculation of Chlorinator at Peak Flow Capacity

Dosage (mg/L) :
Average flow (Mgd):
Peaking factor for average flow :
Cl2 (lb/d) :


Cl2 (lb/d) = (Dosage) × (Avg flow) × (Peaking Factor) × (8.34)

  • Dosage = dosage used to obtain coliform reduction
  • Avg. Flow = average flow
  • P.F. = peaking factor for average flow
  • 8.34 = 8.34 lb.L/
  • Cl2 = Pounds of chlorine required per day (kg/d)