Beer Lambert Law Calculator

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Calculate or measure the percent transmittance of solutions at different concentrations using Beer Lambert law (or Beer's law) calculator online.

The Beer Lambert law defines the relationship between the concentration of a solution and the amount of light absorbed by the solution: A = ?*c*l.

If you know the absorption coefficient for a given wavelength, and the thickness of the path length for light transmitted through the solution, you can calculate concentration.

Calculate Absorbance using Beer Lambert Law


A = ? × c × l

A = Absorbance;
? = Molar absorption coefficient , Molar absorptivity or Molar extinction coefficient;
c = Concentration;
l = Path Length;

The Beer-Lambert Law is not applicable when the concentration of a solution reaches a certain value. This is due to electrostatic interactions between the molecules in close proximity. The value will plateau at a point and thus, scientists often have to dilute concentrated samples in order to analyze them.